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Retro Experience - History of retro consoles

Flat Batteries - Mobile gaming website

Retro Base - Database of video games

The Old - Retro gaming website

Old Computer Magazine - Site dedicated to 1980s computing

The Video Game Museum - Large gaming site featuring info on various consoles

- Gaming Target

Nintendo Gamenet - Nintendo Gamenet

Zelda Fan Game Network - Zelda Fan Game Network

Ocarina of Time 2D - project for 2D Ocarina of Time

- cheat book for Nintendo games

- site dedicated to game sprites

Nintendo Index - online index of classic Nintendo games

The Warp Zone - NES site with loads of info

NES World - neat site dedicated to NES fans and collectors - Fanatical website with info on games as well as hardware and accessories

Did you know?
Hudson Hawk was a NES game based on a Bruce Willis movie that bombed in the early 1990's.